Presage offers the aerospace industry a number of distinct web-based surveys, all of which share the design feature of targeting the vulnerability of operator decision-making in maintaining compliance to procedures, however they differ in the language used within a given survey in order to capture the unique nuances of the operational landscape. The following is a list of some of our survey offerings:


Flight Operations & LOSA targeted surveys

  • Go-around Compliance Survey
  • Speed Decay Survey
  • Automation Management & Monitoring Errors
  • Flight deck and Aircraft Management Errors


Ground & Maintenance Operations

  • Ramp Procedure Compliance Survey
  • Crew (Flight/Maintenance/Ground Personnel) Coordination & Communication Survey
  • Validation/Inspection/Audit Survey
  • Operational Compliance & Time Pressure Survey
  • Operational Compliance & Fatigue Survey


Flight Crew/Inflight Crew Operations

  • Multicultural Crew Survey
  • Inflight/Flight Coordination & Communication Survey 
  • Inflight Workload and Fatigue Survey
  • Inflight Personnel Operational Compliance Survey 


Corporate Safety Culture Engagement Survey


Customizable surveys

If you have a question about any aspect of non-compliant behaviour or employee decision-making our solution will provide new and novel insights into what is driving those specific decisions and increasing operational risk.