We're Changing how you think about safety

By analyzing the psychosocial behaviours driving non-compliance, we elevate safety awareness and proactively mitigate risk to your people, your business, and your brand. The Presage approach fortifies and amplifies traditional approaches to Enterprise Risk Management by focusing on answering one simple, fundamental question: Why do people do what they do in the moment?



The Presage approach expands on your capacity to build a culture of safety by being proactive and focusing on understanding what drives people’s behaviours and actions, what determines their decision making, and how that impacts your organizational culture. This understanding empowers you to have courageous conversations around safety and to nurture a culture of safety—one in which everyone looks out for everyone; everyone has a voice; and everyone contributes to a community of learning. In fact, we don't just help you build a culture of safety, we elevate you to an organizational culture of trust and integrity—a culture that your employees will assume with pride. 


What we know

  • Employees who don’t listen to their gut are more likely to cause an incident.
  • Employees who don’t keep each other safe are more likely to cause an incident.
  • Employees who don’t feel their company supports safety are more likely to cause an incident.


What we know may seem obvious, but the not-so-obvious part is how do you know if your employees listen to their gut? How do you know if your employees are keeping each other safe? How do you know if your employees feel your company supports them? Our surveys and analytics extract these situational, cognitive, and social factors and, using customizable dashboards and drill-down reporting, provide new insights on your organizational culture. You will see things you have never seen before.




Employees respond to a non-disruptive survey at least 2 times a year. This data is processed by the Presage analytic engine and transformed into clean, highly visual reports with targeted empirical assessments. These tools empower you to develop data-driven mitigation and intervention strategies with confidence. The Presage approach is just that simple and it just works.

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