The Six Experiences

  1. Intellectual Grasping
    The experience of filling in gaps in knowledge of process and procedures. Members focus on rote learning and the drill down of safety information.
  2. Internalization
    The experience of living their learning in both head and body. Members focus on applying knowledge to their immediate circumstances in the workplace with increasing confidence. Through repeated practice and application, knowledge moves from conscious to unconscious effort.
  3. Socialization
    The experience of sharing and testing one’s stories, thoughts and experiences around safety and risk. Members create a community of sharing with more accountability to others regardless of position in the organization.
  4. Growth & Traction
    The experience of reflecting on changes and questioning if and how things can be done better. Members strive for improvements and extend their safety awareness to applications outside the workplace—living safely.
  5. Organic Growth
    The experience of owning the transformation. The confidence gained in this level of mastery drives an intrinsic motivation to self-govern and speak up about areas of risk. Members become agents of change and ensure safety is part of the cultural fabric of the organization.
  6. Artist
    The experience of being through the artistry continuum, honourably and effortlessly embodying care-ism. The artist is the difference between doing good and being good.