It starts with a survey

First we take your pulse. We survey and gather data directly from your workforce using custom surveys. The surveys are designed to be:

  • Thorough — Vital to our analytics is collecting statistically significant data on all nine Presage core constructs;

  • Relatable — We take the time to get to know your industry, risks, and safety processes so our surveys communicate in familiar terms; and,

  • Accessible — Our surveys are accessible across all devices including smart phones and tablets and are available in multiple languages.

All of this over industry standard transport layer security (HTTPS) with surveys protected by passcode/secret key to ensure security and anonymity of every user in the system. Your safety data is safe with us.

smartphones survey.png


At the core is our analytics

To further augment data from surveys we also factor in historical accident/incident data, cost data, and claims data. The survey data is then analyzed to create our three safety awareness indices — Situation Awareness (Situational Factors), Personal Safety Knowledge (Cognitive Factors), Safety Consciousness (Social Factors) — and compared against our Behavioural Risk Profile Database to provide you with actionable insights and targeted mitigation presented through dashboards and drill-down reporting.