It starts with a survey

First we take your pulse. We survey and gather data directly from your workforce using custom surveys. The surveys are designed to be:

  • Thorough — Vital to our analytics is collecting statistically significant data on all nine Presage core constructs;

  • Relatable — We take the time to get to know your industry, risks, and safety processes so our surveys communicate in familiar terms; and,

  • Accessible — Our surveys are accessible across all devices including smart phones and tablets and are available in multiple languages.

All of this over industry standard transport layer security (HTTPS) with surveys protected by passcode/secret key to ensure security and anonymity of every user in the system. Your safety data is safe with us.

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At the core is our analytics

To further augment data from surveys we also factor in historical accident/incident data, cost data, and claims data. The survey data is then analyzed to create our three safety awareness indices — Situation Awareness (Situational Factors), Personal Safety Knowledge (Cognitive Factors), Safety Consciousness (Social Factors) — and compared against our Behavioural Risk Profile Database to provide you with actionable insights and targeted mitigation presented through dashboards and drill-down reporting. 



Presage offers a measure of safety awareness based on nine areas of risk known as our core constructs. We group these constructs together to provide you with three safety awareness indices:

  • Personal Safety Knowledge – the degree to which the workforce understands the significance and limitations of the tools for safety.
  • Situational Awareness – the degree to which the workforce is prepared for moments of increased risk and critical decision making.
  • Safety Consciousness – the degree to which the workforce believes in the safety culture of the organization.

These feed into a single overall measure of safety awareness called the Presage Index. This allows the conversation about safety to be as broad or specific as you want.


Your Insights Portal displays survey responses in real time and updates the Safety Awareness Indices as statistically significant amounts of data are received. With clear data visualizations, at a glance you are able to identify what percentage of your workforce is considered a high-risk group and the areas in which they are most at risk. You can get a bird's eye view of safety in your company or bring it right down to ground level, looking at specific divisions and teams based on your defined hierarchy. This level of clarity equips you to have targeted conversations about what is being done differently in high-risk groups, how these groups can be supported, and how we can raise the level of safety awareness at every level of the organization.



    An organizational heatmap allows you to drill down and target high-risk groups & segments.


An organizational heatmap allows you to drill down and target high-risk groups & segments.

Move away from the one-size-fits-all approach to risk mitigation because when it comes down to it, it’s personal. And the Presage approach? It’s powerful. We top up the online reports with our own insights and analyses generated by our in-house data analysts, behavioural scientists, and industry experts. We work with you to devise specific, unobtrusive mitigation strategies leveraging what already works in your current processes and learning systems. The goal is to cultivate an organization that embodies care-ism with our game changing low-touch, high-impact approach to enterprise behavioural risk management.

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